Parts and Repairs

With many years of experience repairing all makes of canopies and lids our staff are able to take care of all your repair and maintenance needs from a simple canopy reseal to major repairs including ICBC claims. Some simple repairs such as broken windows and gates can sometimes even be ordered over the phone speeding up the process of repairing your cap. Major repairs will often require a “drop in” to confirm the level of damage We will help you initiate your ICBC claim for collision and glass damage keeping your down time to a minimum.

Leaky Canopy Windows

In time, most canopy window seals will eventually start to leak as the seal deteriorates. We stock new seals for both the window to canopy interface as well as the seal or “canopy tape” between the cap and the bed of the truck. This is a quick and inexpensive fix to a very annoying problem. Most jobs like this can be handled while you wait or we will remove your canopy and send you on your way so we can repair and reinstall it when it is convenient.

Rear Gates

Rear gates or windows often get broken through either contact with cargo in the bed or the most common – leaving the gate open and backing into the garage after unloading. Most other shops that will tackle this kind of repair simply remove the entire gate and order a new one – at a cost of between $350 and $700. We ofter have a better and more cost effective solution. We stock large quantities of bare glass and gate frames. We also can have glass custom cut for your application if your application is no longer available. Most times we can straighten your gate frame and install a new glass at substantial savings to you in both time and money. If your gate is too damaged to repair we still may have the parts in stock to put a complete gate on your cap on the spot. We have even been known to take a gate off one of our new stock canopies in our yard and install it just to get the customer back on the road.

Misc. Parts and Pieces

The Canopy Store stocks gate struts, T handles, keys, side windows (sliding and fixed), front sliders, windoors, gates, seals, hardware and many other parts and pieces for your canopy or lid. We also stock many hard to find or out of production parts for older canopies and lids. Give us a call or stop in to see if we have what you need.