Arrow Canopies

Since 1976, Arrow Truck Caps has grown from a small manufacturer of truck canopies to one of the most sought after canopies in Canada. The reason we are still around is our value, quality and attention to detail.

Arrow Truck Caps are constructed utilizing NASA inspired products, more fibreglass chop, DuPont quality paint with clear coat, stronger and more durable windows and locking rear door and some good old fashioned Canadian backbone. Over the years, we have continued to make a more durable product while keeping our recognized sleek lines and lasting style.

Today, with new truck styles changing almost every year, we continue to build new molds while maintaining our signature designs including, the classic Mark l cab high, the popular Mark ll with a sporty wedge design and our Mark lll with its bay windows and MAX Load Capacity for storage and roominess.

Arrow Mark I


All the features you need in a affordable and durable package. These cab high canopies offer classic styling combined with the reliability and quality you expect in a Canadian built product.

Arrow Mark II

2007 Chevy Mark II

The sporty wedge design of these semi-highrise canopies offers both additional cargo capacity and increased rear door size.

Arrow Mark III


Spacious highrise canopies provide maximum cargo space and the largest rear door to access it easily. Great for camping and contractors needing every last cubic foot of storage space.

Arrow Matrix

2006 Dodge Matrix

Recessed frameless glass and modern styling cues give these premium canopies the same look of competitors high end caps at $100’s less.